sexta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2006

intervalo para publicidade #3

. este gostava de ver na televisão.

todo o site vale a pena com destaque para o item "where to shave" (quase nsfw).

3 comentários:

mike hunt disse... account is currently a work in progress, but it should already be up. just search by my gmail address. you should get there, there also plans for a big load of posts on the old fish finger, it's just a question of being bothered, the amount of uni work i have on, suggests i shouldn't.

mike hunt disse...

this must be one of those tvi advert breaks, coz it's going on and on and on and.. well you get the idea.

Filipa disse...

muito bem, sr. Carlos Paulo: não actualiza o blog, mas ao menos 'lava-lhe' a 'cara' - gosto muito, gosto sim :)