terça-feira, 10 de outubro de 2006

todos do mp3

"(...)It has been suggested that the service falls through a loophole in Russian law; that public performances of recorded music do not require the authority of copyright holders(...)".

parece que a "melhor" loja de música online tem os dias contados.

3 comentários:

David disse...

i'd come across this a few months ago, and judging by the date of the article it seems like so far nothing has been done to affect the service. having said that, i haven't used it since the honeymoon period, stalled by problems in their paying tools.

carlos paulo disse...

it takes time, you know, it's a work in progress. the store will be shut down. mark my words, my dear cousin, mark my words.

(anyway, there are lots of new russian stores available on the internet right now...)

mike hunt disse...

i have no doubt that will b the final outcome, my only issue is the timescale. on web forums i've read conversations much like this one dating back to february 2005.